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Warranty Policy

Online Sales Policy

All German Maestro products purchased on this site have a one year manufacturer's warranty for any product purchased which arrives with defects from the factory only. 

German Maestro products purchased on this site and installed by a German Maestro Authorized dealer have a 3 year warranty with proof of installation purchase for any manufacturing defect.

German Maestro products which are incorrectly installed, altered, or purchased from any other website besides or any retail store which is not authorized to resell German Maestro products will not be covered under warranty whatsoever. Absolutely no exceptions.

Burned voice coils are NOT warrantied. 

We reserve the right to refuse to warranty any item if we find that any of the warranty policies have been violated. 

Normal wear and tear is not covered under warranty.

Warranty constitutes either repair or replacement per our discretion. We will cover the cost of shipping and handling when we either replace or return your warrantied item.

Warranty is in effect from date of purchase, the warranty period will not be extended if we repair or replace any warranted item.

To obtain warranty service please email a brief description of the issue with your item(s) and images of the item(s) to:

We will provide you an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number which must be included in the box with the warranty item(s). Shipping out items without this RMA will cause your warranty to not be processed. 

Please purchase shipping insurance to cover yourself should anything happen to your item during shipping, we will not be responsible for any item that is damaged, or lost during transit for warranty service.

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