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Image of German Maestro M Line 3 way component set model MS 64.3
The pinnacle of our sonic craftsmanship.

A testament to our deep-rooted expertise in high end loudspeaker engineering and manufacturing. Constructed in our Obrigheim factory, M stands as a monument to the quality typically exclusive to boutique manufacturers.


Every component, meticulously chosen, is hand-assembled with an unmatched passion for perfection. Undergoing rigorous quality control, each M component ensures faithfully consistent sound quality, mirroring our reference standard with precise frequency response measures. Infused with our exclusive technologies, M delivers exceptional sound performance and remarkable power handling capacity. With the application of the finite element method (FEM) and our abundant experience, we have engineered M into a world-class car-hifi system.

Experience M's exquisite sound resolution and dynamic range, perfectly balanced tonality, and a solid, accurately positioned sound stage. Discover M – where engineering meets artistry, and experience becomes emotion.

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