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German Maestro STATUS line two way component - coaxial speaker system model SV6509

Presenting STATUS, an emblem of state-of-the-art craftsmanship.

These high-end systems redefine the boundaries of sound performance and installation comfort. At its heart is the revolutionary ST40WS two-section titanium dome tweeter, imbued with UltraSphere™ technology. Its remarkably linear frequency response throughout the entire spectrum ensures a sublime auditory experience of utmost quality and precision.

The broad, uniform radiation of the tweeter minimizes distortions from unbalanced in-car reflections. The ST40WS impresses with its extreme sound pressure level capability, power rating, low harmonic distortion, and expansive frequency range, setting a new benchmark in sound excellence.

Experience STATUS – a confluence of informed design, unrivaled sound performance, and effortless installation.

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